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A Day for Soft Food

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1999, Todd Levi

A Day for Soft Food is a nice little IF Competition entry that casts you as one of the more unusual characters: a cat. Although this makes the game similar to Ralph, from the 1996 comp, which casts you as a dog, it is a more fun game.

The game could have been improved by simplifying the puzzles and providing more areas to explore, because it is a bit too short even by the 2-hour limit of IF Competition. The puzzles are fair, although there is a few guess-the-verb puzzles. It is unfortunate that the author chose a convoluted plot twist in the endgame that requires a lot of guessing the author’s intentions, and ends up diluting the suspension of disbelief you have been holding, thereby making the ending a bit anticlimactic. Still, dont let that discourage you from trying the game: A Day for Soft Food has enough novel premise and a huge dose of originality to make it thoroughly enjoyable. Recommended!

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