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Abducted: 10 Minutes

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2004, aussie

Abducted: 10 Minutes is a very cool adventure game that more than makes up for its short length by interesting, logical puzzles and exciting real-time gameplay. You play Detective Michael Ebb, who was watching TV at home when the programming is interrupted by a group of terrorists whom you put in jail years ago. They have captured your 20 year-old daughter, and are threatening to kill her in 10 minutes. Since there is no time to assemble a rescue team, you rush alone to the building where the terrorists were last seen.

What makes Abducted a good game is the combination of good writing, a carefully constructed frenetic pace that is never too overwhelming, as well as logical-but-not-too-hard puzzles whose solutions become obvious after you die a few times. Like many adventure games, you will need to experiment and observe the environment carefully to survive, but here the real-time clock puts a real pressure on the thinking cap. Of course, you can (and will) always restore, but seeing every second tick away on screen adds a real sense of adrenaline rush. Fans of Infocom’s Border Zone or suspense stories who wish adventure games were more exciting will have a lot of fun with this short but fun underdog. My only complaint is that there is some pixel-hunting required, since some objects are no bigger than a few pixels wide. Thumbs up!

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