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Battles in Time

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Bruce Williams Zaccagnino

GAME DEVELOPER:Quantum Quality Productions (QQP)

GAME PUBLISHER:Quantum Quality Productions (QQP)

Copyright 1995, Quantum Quality Productions (QQP)

This abstract wargame, like The Pure Wargame after it, was obviously “rushed out the door” long before it was ready: the game was full of bugs, uninspiring gameplay, and incomprehensible lack of logistics (a dinosaur unit in the game causes as much damage as a 20th century howitzer!). Which is a shame, because the premise of the game is refreshing for a wargames: as potential leader of the earth’s army against the aliens, you are sent back in time to fight famous historical battles to prove your worth. Recommended only for those who want a complete QQP collection :)

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