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Beyond The Black Hole

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:David Grenewetzki

GAME DEVELOPER:Software Toolworks

GAME PUBLISHER:Software Toolworks

Copyright 1989, Software Toolworks

Beyond The Black Hole is a decent cross between Pong and Arkanoid. Your goal is to use two paddles to make a rotating orb hit objects in the middle of the screen. The game is 3D although it may not look like it at first ;)

Although Beyond The Black Hole looks like a standard Pong variant, the fact that its really an action/puzzle hybrid becomes clear after you pass the first few levels. Each of the level is laid out as puzzles, requiring you to hit objects in the correct order. This makes the game more difficult than it seems in fact far too difficult at the higher levels to be fun. If you enjoy this underdog, check out the semi-sequel for the NES called Orb 3D from the related links below.

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