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Blade Runner

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Jim Walls & David Leary

GAME DEVELOPER:Westwood Studios

GAME PUBLISHER:Westwood Studios

Copyright 1998, Westwood Studios

Blade Runner is a faithful recreation of the cyberpunk classic movie of the same name. Those looking for a traditional inventory-based adventure will be disappointed with simplified gameplay that only requires a sharp eye and some reflexes, but anyone open-minded enough will enjoy a tremendously atmospheric and fast-paced game. As in the movie, you play a cop whose mission is to terminate the “replicants,” human-like androids that are wrecking havoc in their desparate attempt to extend programmed life span. There are many possible endings depending on your actions– do you arrest the replicants or join their cause? There are also many action sequences in the game, but they are not so impossible as to discourage adventure players.

In short, Blade Runner is definitely one of the most atmospheric games ever made and a must-play for all sci-fi fans. Just don’t try to pigeonhole the game into any category, and you’ll have a great time.Thumbs up!

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