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Bud Tucker in Double Trouble

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Tim Haywood & David Taylor



Copyright 1996, Merit Studios

This cartoon adventure is sadly little known because Eidos cancelled its plan to distribute the game in the U.S… probably due to poor sales in Europe, which is probably due to lack of marketing. Because: it’s a fun game with a wacky plot that puts you in the shoes of Bud Tucker, pizza delivery boy by day and lab assistant by night who got involved with mad scientists, robots, and zany evil plans. A solid game in every respect, if disappointingly short.

Note: Eutechnyx Ltd., current copyright holder of Merit Studios, Junkyard Studios, and Zeppelin Games, has requested that we remove their games from download. Please contact the company directly if you would like to obtain this game.

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