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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Callisto Productions

GAME PUBLISHER:Spectrum Holobyte

Copyright 1995, Callisto Productions

Clockwerx is a delightful action puzzle game of split-second thought and timing. The plot: someone must journey into the inner workings of the great Clock of the Universe to repair it. The player must maneuver a spinning clock hand from one part of a grid to a gateway that leads to the next level. Over 100 exciting play fields include such obstacles as enemy clock hands, oil globs and spikes. Overall, it’s an addictive game that’s not for the easily frustrated or for those who hate arcade elements in puzzle games.

Note: an interesting anecdote to the game is that it was the only game not designed by Tetris creator Alexei Pajitnov that had his “endorsement” displayed on the box. It was actually developed by Callisto Productions, a now-defunct small US company who later released the Windows version under the name Ultimate Spin Doctor, published by Expert Software.

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