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Copyright 1989, Disney

One of the most original games ever released, Coaster lets you design killer rollercoasters to your heart’s content, then experience the thrill of your creation in 3D view. You design new roller coasters, or view and edit existing ones, then ride your creation along with six thrill- seeking amusement park goers who rate your design according to their own preferences. Don’t get too caught up in satisfying one rider’s preferences, e.g. lots of loops or face stretching speed, because you’ll end up disappointing the others, yielding a low average rating.

The coaster design screen provides various track types, including flats, curves, loops, cork screws and lifters, with adjustable slopes, banking angles, braking and acceleration. These elements can be combined in pretty much any configuration to produce coasters (not all of which are safe or ridable). Overall, Coaster is a severely underrated classic that has held up well with time, and you can still find numerous custom designs on the WWW. Highly recommended for anyone interested designing of a killer roller coaster, or those who get discouraged by steep learning curve and action elements of Stunt Island.

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