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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Joseph Grzesiak



Copyright 2002, Joseph Grzesiak

Jane is an ambitious story-oriented IF that deals with one of the most difficult real-life topics: domestic violence. The game is very well written, and covers a comprehensive array of important issues that are relevant to the problem. You interact in the game mostly by choosing what to say from a list of multiple choices, although what you say does not seem to alter the final outcome.

Perhaps the impact of Jane would be much greater had the game offer more interaction with NPCs, and a wider range of options instead of steering you through a strictly linear path to the end. So as it stands, I can’t give Jane a Top Dog tag, but I feel the game deserves a mention on this site because it is a bold and heartfelt effort to expand the horizons and the purpose of IF as an art form, and as such is a laudable game. Here’s hoping that we will see more IF titles in the future that take this kind of risks. If you don’t think a text adventure game can be anything but a fun diversion, you owe it to yourself to give Jane a try.

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