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Oh! Hajiki

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Takeshi Maruyama



Copyright 2000, Takeshi Maruyama

Oh! Hajiki is a fun little roll-the-ball game that is reminiscent of Marble Madness and Macintosh classic Crystal Quest. The objective is simple: knock out all the balls on the board except your own to clear a level. Each knock, as in real life, has a strong force of impact that propels both balls outward, so you must carefully and quickly maneuver your ball so that it won’t fall off the board.

Gameplay is very simple, and mouse controls are intuitive. If you take too long to knock out other balls, the board will start to shrink, forcing you to do it sooner. Higher levels feature more enemy balls that require more knocks to kill, and more colorful boards. It may not have the ingenious level design of Marble Madness, but Oh Hajiki! has enough simplistic charm to provide many sessions of coffee-break fun. Two thumbs up!

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