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GAME DEVELOPER:Ninano Software

GAME PUBLISHER:Ninano Software

Copyright 1993, Ninano Software

One of the strangest Tetris games I have ever come across, 1993tris by Korean developer Young Chung, who later founded a very innovative but short-lived one-man shareware company called Ninano Software. 1993tris adds dozens of special blocks to the Tetris formula that unfortunately make the game more confusing than fun. Some of the special blocks are quite cool, though: especially ‘weapon’ blocks that include bombs and guns. The magic blocks are also interesting, although most ‘spells’ are not that different from each other. The game – as well as all other Ninano games – also deserves notice for being one of the few games that utilized hi-resolution EGA palette very well. It also has mouse support and good graphics, although a more extensive help function would have made the game less confusing. Recommended only to die-hard Tetris fans, or amateur developers who are looking for inspirations for their next falling block game. There is plenty of good ideas here, but too much of a good thing in this case hinders the overall enjoyment.

Note: This is the shareware version – registered version (for $9.95) will get you more levels and five Korean songs. If you have the registered version, please contact us!

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