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GAME DEVELOPER:Ninano Software

GAME PUBLISHER:Ninano Software

Copyright 1994, Ninano Software

1994pool is a very innovative pool/billiard underdog from a now-defunct Korean developer called Ninano Software. Apart from featuring very accurate ball physics that allow spins and curves to behave realistically, this obscure underdog offers many cool features that make it probably the best “fantasy pool game” ever made for PC. There are weirdly different table shapes such as the hexagon, as well as cool objects on each level including the dragon, helicopter, cheer-leaders, bombs, UFOs, and fish. These objects are not there for show, either – they do affect ball behavior or your score. Hit a moving helicopter, for example, and your ball will disintegrate. Points are awarded when you pull off fancy shots to avoid these obstacles. There are 3 difficulty levels and a two-player support. High scores and a comprehensive on-line help round off this excellent underdog that deserves to be much better known. For pool/billiard lovers, this game deserves a two thumbs up, way up!

Note: This is the shareware version – registered version (for $9.95) will get you the full 100 levels and five table shapes. If you have the registered version, please contact us!

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