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2 Fast 4 U

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Greenwood Entertainment

GAME PUBLISHER:Greenwood Entertainment

Copyright 1996, Greenwood Entertainment

2 Fast 4 U is an average futuristic racing game from German developer Greenwood Entertainment. Although the VGA graphics looks nice and the music decent, the game suffers from bad physics and lackluster track design. Turning a corner is practically impossible without hitting the curbs or sides of the track; I’m not sure if this is because the physics is realistic but I am a terrible driver or if I drive well but the physics is suspect – I suspect the latter is true. On the bright side, the background graphics is pleasant to look at, the cars well-designed in a sleek futuristic style, and the enemy cars challenging. But you have seen it all done many times before in better games. Ignore this underdog, and stick to the likes of CyberRace and Wipeout XL instead.

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