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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2000, Adam Cadre

In the niche genre long dominated by extremely challenging epics such as Graham Nelson’s Curses and clever games such as Andrew Plotkin’s Spider and Web, 9:05 is a refreshing breather. Anything I can say about the game will likely spoil it for you, so let me just say that this is, without a doubt, THE best “tiny” IF (i.e. games that can be finished in one sitting, roughly less than an hour) I have ever played. Despite the game’s short length, it manages to offer multiple endings, considerable freedom of action, and one of the very best ending twist you’ll ever see in a game. Definitely a must-play for every IF fan, and a great introduction to the genre for those who has never played IF (text adventures) before. One word of warning: the game might seem average at first, but try to stick all the way to the ending to discover how clever Mr. Cadre truly is .

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