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A Change in The Weather

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Andrew Plotkin



Copyright 1995, Andrew Plotkin

A well-deserved winner of the first IF Competition, Inform devision, in 1995. A Change in The Weather is a clever, very atmospheric game that begins with a deceptively simple premise: You get stuck out in the rain. As Baf’s capsule review points out: “This is one difficult little game, made of interlocking time-sensitive parts with ample opportunity to get things irrevocably wrong. Consists of two acts, one before and one during the all-important and landscape-transforming downpour. Well-polished prose. Excellent building of tension. Odd and twisty map. Very satisfying.” Highly recommended to every IF fan, although beginners might find the difficult puzzles too daunting.

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