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A Stop for the Night

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2003, Joe Mason

A Stop for the Night is a fun Gothic horror IF that makes up for the confusing navigation system with superb writing that effectively evokes a creepy landscape – much like Anchorhead does on a grander scale. The plot – well, I’ll leave you to discover that on your own, because figuring out what is going on is part of the game’s appeal :)

The most striking thing about A Stop for the Night is something that some IF fans have been clamoring for for years: replacing convenient-but-unrealistic compass directions with a more realistic navigation system. Instead of typing “W” or “N,” in this game you have to tell the game which door you want to go through. Unfortunately, this results in more confusion than fun, because the world of A Stop for the Night is made up of overlapping spaces, mazes, and long corridors, making it very difficult for anyone to make a map of the landscape – although the satisfaction you will feel after having completed the 3D mental map is worth the trouble.

While A Stop for the Night is neither truly exceptional nor a classic horror game in a sense that The Lurking Horror is, it is a fun, atmospheric, and well-written game that will keep you entertained while it lasts – and may even give you a feel goosebumps along the way. That is, as long as you are patient enough to get used to the ‘realistic’ navigation. Highly recommended!

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