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Adventure 770

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2004, Mike Arnautov

Adventure 770 is an excellent version of Will Crowther’s and Don Woods’ Adventure (a.k.a. Colossal Cave), the first adventure game ever made. As befits a watermark in gaming, the original game has gotten so many fanmade additions/remakes throughout the years that it becomes hard to keep track of – this family tree illustrates how popular it is. This version of the classic pre-Zork treasure hunting epic adds a lot to the game, including detailed descriptions, twice as many more points to earn (770 compared to 350), and even more Monty Python references than the original. In the author’s own words, “…it certainly was my intention to stick to the spirit of the original game, but I think that in some ways Adv770 is significantly different from its predecessors (and from many other adventure games). The most obvious difference, once you start poking about, is that I tried to ensure that the player can examine just about anything that the game refers to. For instance, the well-house has always been described as a brick structure, so it makes sense for the player to examine the bricks (or walls, or roof for that matter). Are there gold veins in a cave wall? Again, the player should be able to examine those too. Now, I don’t claim that I’ve managed to be absolutely successful in covering everything, but the amount of effort that’s gone into this aspect of the game is probably rather unusual.” Highly recommended for every text adventure fan :)

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