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Adventures in Serenia

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Roberta Williams



Copyright 1986, Sierra On-Line

Matthew Murray said it all in his review of this terrible PC version of Sierra’s (then On-Line Systems) Wizard And The Princess. I’m quoting it verbatim here as a proof that I’m not alone in the minority opinion that Roberta Williams was, and is, NOT the best adventure game designer ;)

“[This] was the second game released by Roberta Williams in the same year as Mystery House, (1980). Unlike Mystery House, Wizard And The Princess introduced color to the game. Very basic color, but color, none the less, which made the game all the more intresting. It was released again in 1982, for IBM (as Adventures in Serenia – Underdogs).The plot?? An evil wizard, Harlin the Malevolent captured the fair Princess Priscilla and put up magical barriers to prevent the Wanderer from being able to save her. However, the Wanderer, being very resourceful, managed to overcome the evil Wizard and save the Princess, but the Wizard was vengeful, and plotted to change history so the Wanderer didn’t save the Princess. He challenges you to try and save her, with the new barriers intact. Using your wit, skill and with a little luck, you beat the wizard again and saved the beautiful Princess. One of Sierra’s earliest graphics games, <>Wizard and the Princess was a ridiculous little game with a threadbare plot that suggested what their games would eventually become (the game even took place in the land of Serenia, which was the name of the major country in King’s Quest V). It had some cute graphics for the time, but mainly relied on very simple situations and cliches for their puzzles. If you can find it, play it for the novelty value, but it should not be considered playable for any other reason in this day and age.”

There you go. Now play it to see for yourself how much better Infocom’s games were in 1985 :)

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