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Afterburner 3D

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2003, Brodaroda

Afterburner 3D is an excellent fanmade remake of SEGA’s classic first-person shooter Afterburner. The game features excellent 3D graphics, great special effects, and even a nice soundtrack to round things off. Like Afterburner, your objective is simply to pilot a jet-on-rails and fire at anything and everything that crosses your field of view. Again as in Afterburner, there is not much to do in the game: your guns fire automatically, missiles lock on as soon as your sights pass over the target, so all you have to do really is dodge enemy fire and launch the odd missile now and then. Excellent graphics and wonderful remakes of all the game’s enemy jets make the experience worthwhile, though, and recalls the fun of the arcade version. All in all, Afterburner 3D is a very good, very polished remake with a strong professional feel – well worth a look for all Afterburner fans. This is a much closer remake to the original than SEGA’s own effort, Sky Target 3D.

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