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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Computer Systems Odessa

GAME PUBLISHER:Computer Systems Odessa

Copyright 1999, Computer Systems Odessa

Aha! is a great puzzle game that combines attractic SVGA graphics with simple gameplay that’s hard to master. It is one of the better variations on the Tetris theme: different enough to make it unique but similar enough to make it as much fun as the original. Beautiful, colorful graphics, good sound and very simple controls make this an easy game to get into; the challenge makes it hard to leave. In Aha!, instead of falling blocks, you get a playing field filled with different-shaped pieces. If two or more pieces of the same shape are touching, you can click the mouse on them to make them disappear, which lets other pieces move into the empty spaces left. The object is to clear the whole board ? not always an easy task. But luckily, you can adjust the number of different shapes you have to work with (fewer shapes makes for an easier game) to suit your skill level. The game pieces are given a cool 3D appearance, and there are enough varieties in gameplay to keep it refreshing (in “Railroad” board, for example, pieces disappear as they join, not when they’re identical). And best of all, it doesn’t even require dexterity in the way Tetris does– you’re free to take all the time you need. Two thumbs up!

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