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Alf’s Thinking Skills

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Vision Software

GAME PUBLISHER:Vision Software

Copyright 1988, Vision Software

Alf’s Thinking Skills is a fun edutainment title for toddlers starring Alf, the beloved alien from a popular ’80s TV show. Similar to most other early childhood programs like The Playroom, Alf Thinking Skills offers several mini-games (“lessons”), each of which is designed to teach one concept. In the “Feed the Cat” game, the goal is to lead Alf to the Lucky the cat via a route of minor logic problems. For example, you see 3 roads with stoplights that lead to the cat. The correct answer is to pick the road with the green stoplight. The other lessons revolve around the concept of colors and shapes. In one lesson, you must pick the right object to put in the box based on the criteria Alf tells you (e.g. “I want green or square object”). In another, you must choose the right description of items in the box from a menu of choices. The game is a lot of fun, and good graphics (by 1988 standards anyway) brings Alf to live in the child’s mind. Two thumbs up for this early edutainment title that should help toddlers in your house learn basic concepts about logic, shape, and color – while they have fun in the process.

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