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Amber: Journey Beyond

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Frank Wimmer & Susan Wimmer

GAME DEVELOPER:Hue Forest Entertainment

GAME PUBLISHER:Hue Forest Entertainment

Copyright 1997, Hue Forest Entertainment

If I haven’t made clear already, let me say it again: I *don’t* like Myst and the clones of lifeless worlds it inspired. Myst to me is just a pretty collection of puzzles that don’t deserve to be called an “adventure game”. Now, Amber , however, is one of the few Myst-like games I truly enjoy. From the captivating opening (resolving the mysterious hauntings to aid your unconscious friend) the game will draw you into its world. What it lacks in longevity and challenge, it more than makes up for with atmosphere and great story. A must have for anyone craving a good narrative.

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