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Angel Egg

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1998, LittleWing

After Loony Labyrinth, LittleWing continues to improve and enhance their Solid State Pinball series. Angel Egg, fourth game in the series, ups the ante even higher with new features and graphics modes that makes the game even more addictive.

Similar to the other games in the series, Angel Egg is designed as a pinball adventure with a plot based on well-known mythologies. This time, you are cast as an angel who is tasked with helping God create the Earth. To accomplish this, you must summon archangels by collecting their eggs and invoke the spirits of Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. Angel Egg features excellent ball physics, a fast pace, realistic flipper action, and nudge ability. The graphics are outstanding, with a very smooth graphics engine that updates the screen 60 times per second. You can choose between an enhanced 2D view or a new 3D view, which simulates standing in front of a real pinball machine. Overall, another solid entry in the famous Solid State Pinball series that will keep you up for hours, even if there is just one table to play. Two thumbs up!

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