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Another Earth, Another Sky

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2002, Paul O’Brian

First-place winner of the 2002 Interactive Fiction Competition, Another Earth, Another Sky is a great sequel to the previous year’s competition entry Earth and Sky. You play Earth, one half of the brother-and-sister costumed superhero duo named Earth and Sky. You have superhuman strength and invulnerability, while your sister can fly, generate thick fog, and fire electrical blasts. This time, you and your sister are sent to a mountain cabin to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Thaddeus Andrews, an astronomer and your parents’ acquaintance.

Like the first Earth and Sky game, AE,AS is very well-written, full of great character interaction (by using the same conversation menu system seen in Emily Short’s Best of Three), and fun puzzles that require a good co-ordination of the duo’s superhero powers to solve. Most puzzles are interesting and not overly difficult, although there is large, challenging, and memorable puzzle near the end of the game.

In addition to the already excellent gameplay and puzzles, Paul O’Brian goes above and beyond the call of duty to make AE,AS as much “bang for the (zero) buck” as possible. There is plenty of humorous moments when you perform actions that are not required to finish the game, nice graphics that make the game even more immersive, and even a great ending that guarantees you will be eagerly awaiting the 2003 competition. A well-deserved winner of the competition, Another Earth, Another Sky is a must-play for IF fans, and anyone who enjoys a good superhero adventure. Highly recommended.

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