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Apache Strike

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1989, William Appleton

Despite the name, Apache Strike is not a realistic simulation of Apache helicopter, but a straightforward first-person shooter. Your goal in this Rebel Assault precursor is simple: shoot the aliens that are (what else) invading the Earth. Although you view the action from the cockpit, you don?t actually control the plane?the buildings zoom past you; your only job is to shoot every menacing aliens that comes up while dodging other helicopters and wall. Gameplay is fun once you get used to the lack of freedom in copter movement, but gets repetitive quite quickly after the novelty and pizzazz of 256-color graphics (rare for its time) wear off. Rebel Assault fans may find this fun, but gamers looking for a less restrictive and more varied sci-fi shooters should play Konami?s Killing Cloud instead, among other candidates.

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