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Apocalypse Abyss

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Software Visions

GAME PUBLISHER:Software Visions

Copyright 1994, Software Visions

A somewhat uninspired shareware puzzle game, Apocalypse Abyss doesn’t have much you haven’t seen in many other puzzlers. You must guide a dwarf to the exit of each room through a variety of obstacles, pushing boulders, blowing up enemies, and gathering treasure. Unfortunately, this is a pretty standard design, and the game doesn’t quite measure up on its own merits. Puzzle design is lackluster, treasure collecting is pointless, the game is short, and I only found one of the rooms in the game challenging.

If you like the boulder-pushing, laser-avoiding, enemy-dodging action found in many other shareware puzzlers, Abyss might be worthy of a brief diversion, but no more.

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