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Armchair Quarterback

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1985, Pseudonym

Armchair Quarterback is a decent free text-based simulation of American football. As the in-game description says, …nearly all aspects of the sport are simulated or taken into account, including actual statistics of professional teams in the 1980s. The designer did make a serious attempt to provide the game with enough intelligence to make it a worthy opponent.

For its age and freeware status, Armchair Quarterback is a surprisingly fun and challenging simulation, even if it is somewhat limited. One nice touch is that the game plays in real-time you have a limited number of seconds during each match to call plays, make substitutes, etc. For a quick and dirty game of football management, Armchair Quarterback more than fits the bill although it is not as detailed as commercial titles released during the same period such as NFL Challenge. Recommended!

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