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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Alexey Silayev



Copyright 1993, DOKA

BabyType is a fun typing tutor program from DOKA, recently released as freeware by the company. The game is similar to the famous Mavis Beacon series, except much more “game”-oriented and in my opinion a lot more fun. The “gameplay” is easy to learn: type the correct letters that flash on the screen to help your character advance to the next screen in a 2D side-scrolling world. For each correct keystroke you press, the character on-screen advances one step to the right. Since he is constantly running away from advancing enemies, pistons, or other menacing things, both speed and accuracy are crucial to success. Press the wrong key, and the “mistake bar” goes up one notch. When this mistake gauge is filled, you lose the game. You can change the difficulty by adding the range of alphabets you want to include.

Although it lacks the organized lesson-based structure of Mavis Beacon, I find BabyType to be a great game that does teach typing skills by using an addictive game format. You can play the game in four languages: English, Russian, German, and French, although unfortunately only English keyboard is available (so, for example, you will still be learning how to use the English standard QWERTY keyboard instead of QWERZ – even when all the in-game text is now German). In summary, if you are bored with typing programs that focus on structured lessons, check out this little-known underdog from Russia that can help improve your typing skills in a fun environment. Recommended!

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