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Barbarian (Mastertronic)

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Garvan Corbett & David Lawson



Copyright 1989, Mastertronic

One of the worst platform games ever made and definitely a low point in Mastertronics varied career. Barbarian (not to be confused with the excellent game of the same name from Palace Software) casts you as a barbarian (duh) who must destroy everything in sight and avoid various traps. How bad is the game? Ill let Trixters gripe speak for me:

Gameplay is done with “icons”, which can be selected with the joystick, mouse, or function keys. For example: To move your character to the right, you press/select the right arrow icon. To swing your sword, you select the sword icon. This would be appropriate if the game were a turn-based strategy game or something–but it’s not! It’s a weak action game. You’d think that you could simply move left, right, etc. and hit a button to swing your sword, but you can’t. You have to use the “icons” for everything.

It’s the stupidest control system I’ve ever seen for an action game. Enough said. Bad game, bad graphics, ridiculous controls. Avoid this Real Dog at all costs and go play the superior Palace Software game instead.

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