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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Palace Software

GAME PUBLISHER:Palace Software

Copyright 1988, Palace Software

This is actually a game I played the original of on the Amiga when Palace Software were churning out similar titles and, not meaning to offend any PC fans, the Amiga version is a lot better than the one here. That said though, its still a fan little game to anyone who is a fan of the wooly-pants slash-em up genre and has a few elements in it that have never really been repeated in games since. You can decapitate your opponent with a single blow. That?s right kiddies, pressing back and fire on that joy stick launches your wooly-panted, mulleted barbarian into a death blow spinning chop with Conan-esque style. If the attack lands clean, the head of you opponent will bounce away for a little goblin to kick around while dragging away the body.

Just for this alone the game is worth a try although I wouldn’t go expecting A-grade beat ‘em up action, although it is fun to sit down with a friend and try to see who can decapitate first. A five minute amusement. Though if you’re looking for a similar game with better AI and strategy (blood too) I’d recommend Moonstone for both single and multiplayer.

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