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Bikez II

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Ville M?nkk?nen



Copyright 2001, Ville M?nkk?nen

Bikez II is a fast, fun 3D game where you drive a motorcycle around a noir-ish town. In a setting that recalls Grand Theft Auto and Quarantine, your job is to complete increasingly difficult missions to earn money to upgrade your bike with four customizable weapons. In a nod to Grand Theft Auto, you can also get money from slaughtering innocent citizens (ouch). You watch the action from behind the bike, and the gameworld is quite large and fully 3D, with bustling streets and dozens of pedestrians (although they look the same after a while). Worth a look if you enjoy Quarantine or similar violent driving games, but unfortunately Bikez II doesn’t have enough diversity in gameplay to warrant repeated play.

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