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Bio Menace

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1993, Apogee

Bio Menace is a typical but quite enjoyable early platformer by Apogee. Despite the clich? defeat-aliens-that-invade-Earth plot, Bio Menace offers huge levels, fun power-ups, and detailed EGA graphics that is a step above Commander Keen (the engine of which powers the game). On the downside, the game has many annoying bugs. For instance, sometimes when you restore the game, youll find yourself back on the previous level youve been through already. It is no wonder that the game includes a lengthy troubleshooting section, but its still likely that you will come across one or two bugs before finishing the game. This nuisance aside, Bio Menace is a fun shareware platformer that isnt Apogees best, but is by no means their worst either. Worth a look if you like platform games or Apogees classics.

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