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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Fallen Angel Industries


Copyright 2000, Fallen Angel Industries

A fun little game from the makers of the phenomenal Factor X, Biohazard sees you as a man affected by many diseases all together, each with its time of incubation. To avoid death, you must assemble genetic codes capable of destroying the corresponding viruses, before one of them reaches the point at which it becomes fatal. On the screen, you have a number of A-G-T-C components, and the genetic codes, shown on the right side of the screen, must be assembled in the bottom row. However, by stacking many in the upper rows, and dumping them to the bottom, it will result in combos worth more points. A wave is completed once you kill all the viruses. Sounds simple? Yes, it is… In the first two or three waves. As the number of viruses grows, you’ll need a lot of skill and reflexes to go on. The game could cause the one-more-try syndrome ;)

Graphics are overall simple, but quite nice, with a regard for the man’s face: when it’s game over, it shows the effect of the viruses with animations that are as gruesome as they are good. My only complaint is about the game’s window: it’s small, too small! Reading the genetic codes chart on the right is terrible – better memorizing them :b If you don’t mind this problem, what is left is an original, playable and challenging game. Not for the reflex-impaired!

Note: the game starts with a strange glowing symbol, click on it to see the menu. I suggest watching the great help screen before playing – it has even descriptions of the diseases ;)

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