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Black Box

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Eric Solomon & Michael Haugrud



Copyright 1993, Michael Haugrud

Black Box is a great PC version of a 1978 Parker Brothers board game of the same name that emphasizes logical deduction. Sort of a 3D version of Mastermind, your goal in this game is to find hidden balls in a black box by shooting light rays into it. Since the crystal balls reflect shots, you need to observe where your shots leave the box (or whether they dont) to deduce the balls locations. The challenge is to correctly deduce the locations with the least number of light rays.

This freeware PC version by Michael Haugrud offers dozens of levels of fun with an intuitive player interface. If you enjoy logical puzzles that require no reflexes to solve, Black Box will entertain you for hours on end, even if the gameplay is a little repetitive. Thumbs up!

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