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Blitzkrieg: Battle at The Ardennes

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Al Benincasa & Joseph Benincasa



Copyright 1989, RAW Entertainment

A conversion of the board game of the same name, this simulation of Battle of the Bulge had a confusing interface and lengthy game mechanics. Although it’s a faithful conversion, the awkward user interface and questionable AI makes it one of the worst wargames from RAW. Definitely a case of fun sacrified for the sake of realism alone, Blitzkrieg will appeal only to die-hard wargamers who are interested in the subject matter and crave historical accuracy. Even the manual is poorly written. Overall, a disappointing wargame that could have been much more, had the designers focus less on faithfully recreating the complex boardgame and more on playability.

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