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Boulderdash Construction Kit

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GAME PUBLISHER:Electronic Arts

Copyright 1986, First Star

Boulderdash Construction Kit is an excellent release from First Star that ranks as one of the best design titles ever made for the computer, not to mention the fact that it allows Boulderdash fans to design devious levels on their own.

If you have never heard of Boulderdash, you should first read my reviews of Boulderdash and its sequel before proceeding. But in short, the idea behind the game is this: collect enough diamonds to exit each cave by tunnelling to them through the earth. If you remove the earth from under a boulder it will fall down, along with any other boulders and stones that were resting on top of it, usually crushing you in the process.

What Boulderdash Construction Kit allows you to do is to design your own puzzles. The interface is very easy to useall the tiles you can use and other options are laid out to the right of the screen. Theres even a randomize option that will place a random number of selected tile in random locations on the screenvery useful for when you dont feel like designing every square. And as a bonus, the game even comes with more Boulderdash levels for you to get stumped on. Definitely a must-have for all Boulderdash fans… two thumbs up!

Note: We have been informed by First Star Software that the company continues to exploit their intellectual properties, and therefore they regrettably cannot allow distribution of their past titles. Please contact First Star directly if you would like to obtain their out-of-print products.

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