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Copyright 2004, Anonymous

Now this is what I call nostalgia! Boxindanga is an amazingly faithful remake of Boxing, a classic game from Activision that was released for Atari 2600 system over 20 years ago. Like the original classic, you will either love or hate this game. Basically this is a straightforward boxing game, which gives you an overhead view of a boxing ring. Your job: pound a friend or a computer-controlled boxer for two minutes to get more ‘hits’ than he does. Although it looks like a very superficial, simplistic arcade game, there is quite a lot of subtle strategy involved. For example, you can keep your distance with jabs, or chase your opponent to the ropes for a ferocious punching barrage. Close bouts are a lot of fun, although the outcome is often decided by whoever can punch buttons more rapidly ;) Graphics, sound effects, and gameplay of this fanmade freeware are all very faithful to the Atari 2600 original. Definitely one of the best “retro” remakes you’ll ever come across, Boxindanga reminds me just how much fun – and blister-inducing – simple video games can get. Recommended!

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