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Copyright 2004, Nurium Games

BreakQuest from Nurium Games is arguably the best Arkanoid/Breakout game I have ever played, bar none. If you think Arkanoid games get boring after the first few levels, this underdog will change your mind: each of the 100 levels are individually designed, offering unique elements and obstacles. Best of all, the game is powered by a superb physics engine that realistically simulates real-world physics. Excerpts from the thorough review at Game Tunnel will hopefully convince you why this will be $19.99 well spent:

“What makes BreakQuest so great is hard to pin down to a single item. What most gamers will initially recognize is the amazing way that the levels have been put together. While most breakout games provide you with bricks in various patterns, BreakQuest has gone to great lengths to make the levels pictures of ingenuity. For example, you will find one of the levels has a series of bricks that are hung from a rope, with one rope on each side reaching down to a brick, which then has two ropes connecting it to a brick that is below it. You may see a stack of 4 or 5 bricks attached in this fashion, with multiple stacks of bricks each connected to the top of the screen. Hitting the bricks causes all sorts of things to happen with the entire stack of bricks swaying back and forth as your ball hits the stack from various directions. As you hit each of the bricks multiple times they eventually fall from the stack down towards the bottom of the screen and your waiting paddle. This description gives you just a glimpse into one of the many different types of levels that players will encounter, each unique, and all of them are more entertaining than any level that you will find in any other game of this type.

The control over the paddle isn’t quite perfect in BreakQuest. There are moments where you feel like the ball didn’t go quite where you thought it would and where you miss a ball that you were sure you were going to get to. However, these issues are really minor, no more than you will find in any other arkanoid game, and are easily overcome. What players will really remember is just how varied the game play is. Games of this type have a tendency to become quite repetitive over time, but BreakQuest has managed to buck that trend. This is done partially through the different ways that the game plays. In BreakQuest both your paddle and your ball can change shapes by catching specific power-ups. Each provides a new challenge that is both entertaining and challenging to control. However, that is really just the tip of the iceberg for this game as the way that the game really shines is in the level design.

With BreakQuest fun is the name of the game! One of the continual complaints that players have about Breakout styled games is that they are boring and repetitive. Certainly that is not the case with BreakQuest, which provides so many different experiences to enjoy that players will be pining to play the next level instead of wondering when it will be over so that they can move onto another game. The levels themselves are also not at all tiresome and I found myself often just watching the ball and different ‘brick’ types interact on the board.

With the release of BreakQuest there is no reason for there to ever be another breakout game…really! I’ve played most every arkanoid game that has ever come out and Ive become an expert on the subject. I’ve never played anything that came remotely close to being as good a game as BreakQuest is. The demo is a nice little window into a game that only gets better and better the more you play it. Working your way through the different levels is an absolute blast that everyone should be able to experience. BreakQuest is a game that should be in every gamer’s library.” Highly recommended, and a worthy entrant into our Hall of Belated Fame.

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