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Bridge 7.0

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1992, Artworx

The seventh release of the longest continuously published bridge games for PC, Bridge 7.0 from Artworx is a powerful bridge program that focuses exclusively on the bidding part of the game: you and your computer partner bid against two computer opponents, and then play out the hand. Your goal, naturally, is to score as high as possible. The game lets you save the game in progress, gives you helpful hints, and can play the entire hand automatically for you. Quite fun and educational, although too narrow in scope to be really helpful for beginners. An editor would have been a welcome addition (so that you can really see how to play a specific hand). As it stands, Bridge 7.0 is a helpful tool for bridge players who already know basic rules of the game. For a more comprehensive teaching program/tool, check out Eddie Kantar and Learn to Play Bridge on this site instead.

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