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Cameleon 98

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1998, Jari Komppa

Cameleon 98 is a fun board game from Jari Komppa, entered in 1998′s “Disccover” game coding competition in Finland. The game deservedly became a finalist in the competition, and went on to win several “game of the month” awards from local magazines.

The gameplay is similar to Gamos/Infogrames’ classic 7 Colors but with less number of colors (4 as opposed to 7 in Gamos’ game) and less mind-boggling headache. Your goal is to conquer the board with as many tiles as possible, one tile at a time. You conquer tiles by clicking on any of the tile that is adjacent to the one you are currently on. This will change the color of your entire area to that tile’s color. If there are other tiles of the same color nearby, you will conquer those automatically.

Although the game is by no means unique considering that 7 Colors was made more than 7 years earlier, Cameleon 98 is still a fun game. The game’s strength lies in strong AI (which is fortunately, since there is no multiplayer): you can choose from a number of different AIs, each of which follows a distinct strategy. You can also change the board’s sizes and how a new random board should be generated (e.g. whether or not you want “equal spread” of the colors). All in all, a neat little game to help exercise your brain during those coffee breaks. Recommended!

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