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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2001, Marnie Parker

Carma is a funny and fun game that shows off the capabilities of Glulx as an IF language, although it is hardly a game: your “interaction” is limited to pressing the ENTER key or some random commands to advance the scripted story. But what a story it is — Carma is a wacky story about punctuation marks (yup, punctuation marks, like the apostrophe, comma, etc.) going on strike. There is a lot of great graphics and sounds in the game, and even with the passive nature, the author manages to slip in a great puzzle-cum-questionaire near the end that will test your knowledge of grammar ;) If you care nothing about English usage, you will at least enjoy the ride while it lasts. Just don’t expect any challenge, or even a game in this whimsical title. Thumbs up!

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