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Copyright 2002, Global R&D

Catapults is a fun Connect-4 variant for Windows that introduces some interesting features to the traditional concept. There are 2 modes in the game: classic and real-time. In classic mode, two opponents take turns placing colored ball on the isometric board. The first to place four balls in a row in any direction (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) is the winner. You can play against the computer or another human player. Networked mode is planned, but not yet supported.

The real-time mode is where Catapults shines. As the name suggests, you play this mode in real-time, and up to 4 players can compete on the same board. In addition to balls, there are sheep (yes, sheep) and bombs you can fire to kill them. You can choose from 3 different objectives: place 4 balls in a row six times, hit 50 sheep, or fill ? of the board. Although killing sheep (by firing the same balls you use to place on the screen) is more of a distraction from your focus than a well-integrated element in gameplay, its still a lot of fun, and requires strategy because balls you fire remain on the board, while bombs get rid of them.

With pleasant SVGA graphics and the same easy to learn, hard to master quality that characterize classic board games, Catapults is a great variant that comes highly recommended especially if you can get 3 other friends to join the mayhem ;)

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