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Copyright 1983, Atari Games

Centipede is a good PC port of Ataris classic coin-op hit by the same name, designed by legendary designer Ed Logg. The original arcade version was one of the first games most old-time gamers played, a vintage game from the same time as Pac-Man and Galaxian.

Your goal is simple: blast the centipede and other enemies before they kill you. This PC port is very faithful to the original, down to the facts that the games difficulty level increases the most you play, and youll go through several hills and valleys as the creature gets lower on each new level.

While the gameplay is top-notch like all other Atari classics, this PC version of Centipede is not as polished as other PC ports such as Galaxian and Joust. Perhaps this is true of the original as well: as unique as the premise is, the game gets boring after a while: the simple nature of gameplay is not made up by sheer addictiveness, unlike Robotron: 2084 and the like. Well worth a look for fans of arcade classics and gaming historians in general, but not really a keeper.

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