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Chaos Engine

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Bitmap Brothers

GAME PUBLISHER:Virgin Interactive

Copyright 1992, Infogrames

From one of the masters of the action genre comes this excellent top-down action game that is fun in solo mode and exceptional in 2-player. Choose from a handful of mercenaries, each with his/her own weapons, for a blitz through forests, enemy camps, and beyond. The trigger-happy, kill-everything-in-sight idea is implemented to perfection, with tons of power-ups, secret items, and cool sound effects. In a departure from most action games, Chaos Engine was designed as multiplayer from the ground up – when playing in one player mode, the computer would take control of the other character, forcing a style of gameplay that was both co-operative and competitive, similar in many ways to the arcade classic Gauntlet. The soundtrack also reacted to how well the players were doing in the game. Thumbs up!

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