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Choose Your Own Romance

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2002, David Dyte

Choose Your Own Romance is a very clever and well-written entry in Storme Winfield’s Romance Novel Comp 2002 which drew only two but two outstanding entries, whose results were announced on Valentines Day, appropriately enough. Emily Short says it all about this highly entertaining, appropriately florid piece of romance novel:

Created with Jon Ingold’s Adventure Book, CYOR offers the reader the opportunity to steer its strangely-fated heroine through the various twists and turns of Love. As sheer coincidence would have it, a nontrivial percentage of these twists are in some way associated with cheeses. But I’m sure that’s entirely accidental. To proceed:

As might be supposed to befit a choose your own romance, this work is whimsical and light; its chiefest grace is the delightsome prose, which blends to a nicety the modest mannerisms of speech appropriate to a refined lady with the strength of feeling that will inevitably engender itself in the breast– er, upper torso– of a Person of Romantic Temperament. To say more of the plot would be to reveal overmuch, if plot it may accurately be said to have; for like many of its ilk, Choose Your Own Romance is narratively wayward and frolicsome.

In short, a highly entertaining piece. This will scarcely surprise those familiar with Mr. Dyte’s previous work in the field of parody (Sycamora Tree, Pick Up the Phone Booth And Aisle [for the concept of which, at least, he is to be blamed, even if other rash parties partook of its implementation]). Two thumbs up, way up!

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