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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Graeme Devine & Rob Landeros



Copyright 1996, Trilobyte

Scary spooks abound in Trilobyte’s ghoulishly delightful Clandestiny. Andrew MacPhiles has just inherited the family castle in Scotland. Being the coward he is (it runs in the family you see), he doesn’t want to go. Eventually, his girlfriend obsessed with the hidden treasure that is mentioned in the estate executor’s telegram practically bludgeons Andrew into going. They soon arrive at their new and not-so-humble abode and the troubermfun begins.

Clandestiny weaves a spell that is undeniably hard for anyone to resist. The graphics are top notch and surpass any other previous Trilobyte release. The Disney-quality cutscenes are beautifully animated. The quirks and well thought out (and acted) characters also deserve a special mention. Whether it’s the cowardly Andrew, the diabolic Murthly, the handyman Fergus, or any of the myriads of characters you meet, you won’t soon forget any of them.

Clandestiny seamlessly weaves traditional Scottish myth and lore into a modern story line. The game also offers a built-in reference guide that you can view at any time to learn more about Scottish culture. While the puzzles are of the parlor variety and seem detached from the main story line, it hardly takes away from the game. The solutions are usually simple, clean, and logical.

Clandestiny is quite a gem and an ultra rare diamond in the rough. A definite highlight from the creators of the 7th Guest and the 11th Hour.

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