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This turn based, historical game from Sid Meier is definitely a
classic. Warfare games that includes ships and gunpowder are
one of my favorite type of games. The feel of conquering another
country and having obedient citizens, expanding territory,
battling pirate ships, upgrading ship weaponry, recruiting and
training crew is just what I imagine of adventurous games like this.
In fact, the game tackles history and includes different countries
to explore. Spain, France, England and the Netherlands is needed
to be explored by you and your crew. Having political relations
with these countries and setting up trade routes for your ships are
fun and you’ll spend hours of complex gameplay.

Your task is to discover America, this New World who have many
hostile natives and must establish a diplomatic treaty with them. Your last
goal is to declare independence and stand on your own, not longer
depending from your king or paying tribute. The graphics are really
great for this time and type of gaming. This is where it all started.
The ideas of the games Sid Meier will do after will and become great
games. The sound is also great with the atmosphere and feel of
the exploration and battles that you will encounter in the game.

Colonization is challenging even for advance gamers and is
quite addictive. People who like this genre are in for a real
treat. This game is classic and complex for it has so many
twists and turns that every time you play, it will be
unique. Difficult at the beginning because of the controls but
once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to enjoy it more.

Great game and is definitely a favorite of thousands of Sid Meier’s fans.

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