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Crazy Bumpa

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2005, Kochon

Crazy Bumpa is a great modern PC update of Loriciel’s decent puzzle game Bumpy’s Arcade Fantasy. The plot: “You are in the world of Bumpa, where the only reason to leave is bumping and bumping again. This require a lot of energy only found in some special stones called Bumpaz (like energizer batterys on earth). Help Bumpsey and Bumpsta collecting all Bumpaz in each level to reveal the exit. Collect keys, hammers and drops to progress in your quest and don’t avoid the live bottles.”

All 100 levels from Loriciel’s original game are present in this remake, enhanced by SVGA graphics and more realistic ball physics than the original. A nice remake of an average game that deserves a second look. I didn’t feel Loriciel’s Bumpy deserves a Top Dog, but somehow this remake got me hooked. Time to replay the original, I suppose :) Recommended!

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