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Crystal Caliburn

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1994, LittleWing

Second in LittleWings acclaimed Solid State Pinball series and its best seller, Crystal Caliburn is an excellent pinball simulation with a cool story that takes place in the Golden Age of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The game received high praise from the New York Times, and has won many prizes and awards all over the world, including the Best Simulation award form the Software Publishers’ Associationand rightly so.

Like they did with Tristan Pinball, LittleWing proved once again that including one excellent pinball table is much better than several mundane ones. The table comes to life with various features are cleverly based on the same theme: the legend of King Arthur. Billed as pinball adventure, your ultimate objective is to find the holy grail by performing numerous tricks and successive combos that unlock new paths and surprises. The ball moves very realistically, and sound effects are superb. The table offers a unique three-level playfield, cool 3D ramps, and all the bonuses that pinball fans are familiar with, including multi-balls. Experts can opt for a QuickMove feature that imposes a time constraint. The great wizard Merlin even makes his appearance in the game to give you Mystery Points.

I found Crystal Caliburn a very addictive game that keeps me playing for hours even though Im not a pinball fan per se. The game is so engaging, challenging, and full of surprises that you will soon forget the fact that it only has one table. Definitely a must-have for pinball fans everywhere, and be sure to check out LittleWings other entries in the Solid State Pinball seriesnow sold directly from the companys website. Two thumbs up!

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