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Custer’s Last Command

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Incredible Simulations, Inc. (ISI)

GAME PUBLISHER:Incredible Simulations, Inc. (ISI)

Copyright 1995, Incredible Simulations, Inc. (ISI)

It was hot that day. With the temperature hovering near 100 degrees, the thin blue line of cavalry troopers moved in a northwesterly direction. Just off a forced night march, they were weary, but the sense of imminent battle ignited a combination of fear and excitement that so often accompanies men into combat. They were confident. Led by the golden haired “Boy General”, the man who never sounded a retreat, their victory was certain. With the sun past noon, the Seventh Cavalry and George Armstrong Custer moved forward to their appointment with glory…and death.

And you know the rest of course! Custer and his force were absolutely annihilated by the Sioux. Custer’s Last Stand does it what is sets out to do: simulate this hopeless battle. However, alternative options for Custer’s side make for what if scenarios where you have a chance to win. Recreate the real battle..see if you can do better for Custer or any worse for the Sioux! The game is a great simulation of this historical battle, with a nice and clean user interface. If you are interested in the history of the American West or wargames that are set in non-World War battles, this is a must. A great first game by Incredible Simulations that bodes well for their later classics Defend The Alamo and Zulu War.

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